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SYREN Modern Dance
470 Lenox Avenue, Apt. 17H, New York, NY 10037


SYREN Modern Dance and Astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter collaborate to create "Ticktock", a dance that uses narrative sequences and highly physical movement to explore the nature of time, such as Einsteinʼs theories of Special and General Relativity, the arrow of time, and our human experiences of perception and memory.

Thought-provoking and beautiful. Crazy cool to see science blended so thoughtfully with dance. Eye candy AND brain candy! It made me think of concepts in ways I had never thought of before. Thoughtfully crafted and well-executed. Still thinking about it!
— Candace Bertotti-Georgetown Law, audience member at The American Association for the Advancement of Science
The integration of the company’s virtuosic and nuanced movement with fascinating spoken segments from an accomplished astrophysicist was enthralling! It allowed me to participate in the realities and mysteries of time and space in a whole new way.
— Calleja Smiley, Audience member at Ailey showing

This creative process involved rehearsals and sold out showings at The Ailey Studios in New York City, The STEAM Factory at The Ohio State University, The American Association for the Advancement of Science (DC), The National Academy of Sciences (DC), Bryant Park Contemporary Dance Festival (NY), and upcoming at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (TX). This project is made possible in part by support by New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Costume Designer: Maria Ozmen
Running Time: 50 minutes